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I think I can perhaps understand why some people go round the twist when they have personal problems.

Cause they don’t have an awesome mother that they can confide in, one whom they can trust wholly and get good advice from.

I love my Mom.


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She didn’t want to be right.

She didn’t.

She prayed, and hoped, and prayed, that she wasn’t right.

But she was even more certain now that she was.

Her head sank into her hands as she stared blankly down at the sand, willing the image to go away. Willing the truth to be washed away.

The sky cried the tears that horror and revulsion barred from her eyes.

Perhaps, perhaps it was time to write again.

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Protected: truth and lies.

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Him: “Your heels today are so high, I thought you were levitating”


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to an irritant.

You know, I might have thought you were quite zai a few years back when I didn’t know better, but it’s so clear to me now that you don’t know your stuff and you’re just sponging off me.

And so I’m not going to entertain you anymore. :)


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things i must do.

After this CPCM thing is over, that is.

1. Record Cheese’s wedding song
2. Get a haircut
3. Buy green tea powder
4. Go back to Two Fat Men! Which every Eastie should try!

I agree with Ms Yap that although we seem to be very busy and seem to be rather occupied with work, that feeling that you’ve LEARNT something is just missing. :\

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