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For not having to work away my weekend.

For a lovely Friday evening out with C and LL, the former of whom dragged herself out despite feeling unwell.

For being able to get the affidavit to court on time.

For the really awesome people in my department without whom the affidavit would not have made it to court on time.

For the really nice Associate.

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sleep is bliss.

I’m beginning to suspect that one of my ancient ancestors suffered from narcolepsy.

Nothing else could possibly explain why my eyes still feel like shutting after sleeping 9h last night and 2h just now.

And exams are COMING. Halp? Plz?

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ten to six please.

Starting work before 9am should be illegal.
One fine day I shall take over the world and declare that no office is to open before 10am.  All overzealous people who show up earlier shall be punished! Wahahaha.

Sleep. Is. Necessary.
And I don’t care that that abbrieviates into SIN.


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