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cheep trill.

I choot-ed cheekily at a beagle up the street today whilst jogging.

It gave me the most surprised and horrified look I’ve ever seen on a dog’s face. Muarharhar! I’m going to try that on the husky tomorrow!

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it is a BEAUTIFUL day.

Swimming was so completely totally FUN!!!!!

Even though I thought I was going to drown after the 3rd lap of 200m.

I got a medal for the 50 Free relay even! I’m just glad I didn’t cost the team a medal. LOL. Haven’t swum front crawl in like, 5 years plus. I wasn’t even supposed to swim that event la. I couldn’t even remember how to breathe and was panicking in the warmup pool! But in the end it was ok, we got a silver! Whee! Due mostly to the zai-ness of Lisa Belinda and Jo Joy I think! 

And, what’s an accomplishment too: Me and Peiyin survived the plunging. WOOHOO. All our practice paid off!! PY u rock. I definitely owe you dinner for today so please come collect your dinner from me. HAHAHA.

I would really like to ramble on about how zai Andre Mings Ziyao Sam Jo Joy Belinda Lisa and Fangyi were but I think you guys will get bored. Hahaha.

OMG I had so much fun.


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fate smiles on the weary.

Despite the fact that I’ve only had 4.5h sleep, am uncaffeinated, have a stack of pub law, nego and In re Goldcorp to settle, I FEEL DAMN HIGH. Wahahahahaha!!!!!!

Something interesting happened today, and I regret that I didn’t make it more interesting.

But owell life is full of these little disappointments.
Serendipity me. :))

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Who: Yours truly 
What: 987 Control
Where: Anywhere!
When: Sunday 1-2pm
How: TUNE IN TO 987fm!

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That was my mood all day.

Despite the fact that I answered stupidly in prop tute.

I got a piece of excellent news (which cured my latent antsiness), and there were sprinkles (major ones!) again today.

Oh my gawd I feel like a pervert.


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After a long draught, there is – finally – WATER!!!

I’m on a crazy high (and have been ever since Friday), though I’m v sad that Frogs left. =(

But some of my friends aren’t having a very good week.
Don’t worry babes (and hunks?) everything will come through in its own time.

You’re my rainbow sunshine honey stars!

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