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That’s what conveyancing was: A fustercluck of twenty questions.

Dear God, please, Please, PLEASE let me pass this one.

I also found out recently that The Course I took has failed people on the sole basis that you’re too young. WTF. If I’m too young then why did you even let me into the course right?? I’m freaking out that I won’t pass that either!

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Ha. Blessing in disguise. I found a Black Friday deal for the same mic on Amazon for less! Mwahahahaha. Only drawback is that I have to use vPost. Hum. To buy or not to buy.

I HATE CONVEYANCING. But it is easier to digest than Civ Pro.

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just drown yourself la rachel.

OhmyGAWD the Yeti THX USB microphone I’ve been eyeing since forever (and have been considering buying ever since the laptop mic decided to bail) finally went on sale at 98 USD, and I MISSED IT. Because I forgot that in a “Today Only” sale on the American Apple store, “Today” follows American time. The original price is shitting 149 USD!!!!! ARGHHHH!!!!! Why did I decide to be a good girl and discuss the purchase with Mom first? WHY? I shoulda just bought it dammit!!!!!!!

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and so you have your answer.


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nota bene.

Every time I see “N.B.” in the Civ Pro notes now, the first thing that flashes through my mind is “NABEI”.



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makes. no. sense.

The Board-That-Must-Not-Be-Named’s exams are just =.= 100%.

Ugh. Crim Proc did not go as well as I hoped.

I know I said I’d nap and wake up at 8 to start work (hello FY). The plan failed. Instead I have eaten dinner, youtubed and loaded Gossip Girl.

Lunch with friends was GOOD. A trip down normalcy lane in this exam madness.

Kill me pleaseeee. I was convulsively strangling myself after the Crim Proc exam. Please don’t let me fail. And my upper register isn’t back yet. WHY WHY WHY!!! What if I’ve lost it for good???

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I have done very badly with this studying gag these past two days.

I have instead learnt some dance moves. Woohoo. Thanks to a very friendly Youtuber with a very helpful tutorial vid. Haha. Not that I’m good at it. Yikes.

Confusion confusion confusion. Need to pick wedding song for Lyd’s wedding. WHEEEEEEEE. I hope Laryngitis does not pay me a visit before her wedding.

I have no mood to read Sentencing. OMG. I have 1 hour left to study.

A called me to gossip. WTF, as if we have a lot of time now. Hahaha. Sampat 100%.



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