This is a truly fascinating read.

What I like about this take on the 4 temperaments is that it’s completely unabashed in detailing the flaws in each type. It’s quite interesting to see your faults pointed out so accurately in something I used to dismiss as hogwash and ass kissing (you know, only hear/tell the good stuff?) so the makers/hosts have an audience for web advertising. Which most of these personality typing tests are.

It helped explain some things that I was trying to find the answers to, and it also explains my choice in books. Hahaha. The writers I like have generally been classified into the same temperament as me. ;p Good or bad? Perhaps I should try reading other authors of different temperaments when I’m done with my current books.

But perhaps this is merely an oversimplification of Hume’s/Tolstoy’s/Eliot’s/Ghandi’s/de Tocqueville’s complaints. I’m not sure temperament is the root cause.

Things to ponder. :)



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4 responses to “temperaments.

  1. Jo

    what is yours? I’m sort of schizo as a sanguine-melancholy lol!

  2. Jo

    lol ok tell me in private :D

  3. Jo

    why choleric ahhhh i very type a ah?

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