i quote, “shingz”.

I just watched a bit of of Polo Boys (my mom recorded it).

My goodness. It was incredibly painful to watch. The acting was so stiff! The best acts were Michelle Chia and Adrian Pang (duhhhhh). The rest all sounded like they were giving a speech, their lines were delivered so formally! Even the prospect of eye candy couldn’t stop me from turning the telly off with a groan after 8 minutes.

I have pretty much the same complaint with First Class – especially the kids, my gawd, stiff as a board! Madeline Zima gave a much more convincing performance at a much younger age! I think the problem with Singapore is, the good English-speaking actors are all in theatre.

Wait, did I say problem? Scratch that. It’s a good thing. Theatre’s way more enjoyable than TV. ;p


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