you is a car. i chases you.

There are periods of times in your life that you feel emo, want to hole yourself up in a dank cave (with internet connection, electric supply and most certainly running water and a toilet), and write.
This is one of them.

I’ve been having really weird dreams lately, remembering things I shouldn’t and wishing for things that can never be. Probably the effect of all the medication I’m on.

I hate waking up shivering.

I don’t feel like getting on with LCS at all.

I don’t like overhearing shady conversations with them siding with the other side.
Them and us indeed. If you dunno how to handle people then don’t blame it on the person you can’t handle. Pfft.

I don’t like having a fever.

Neh neh ni pu pu. Rachel is emo.

Just watch my wildest dreams come true, not one of them involving you


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One response to “you is a car. i chases you.

  1. nx

    BABE!!! cheer up yeah? shitty days will pass but never soon enough. :S. we still have a long overdue date!!!! hope to cya soon!!! :D

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