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you is a car. i chases you.

There are periods of times in your life that you feel emo, want to hole yourself up in a dank cave (with internet connection, electric supply and most certainly running water and a toilet), and write.
This is one of them.

I’ve been having really weird dreams lately, remembering things I shouldn’t and wishing for things that can never be. Probably the effect of all the medication I’m on.

I hate waking up shivering.

I don’t feel like getting on with LCS at all.

I don’t like overhearing shady conversations with them siding with the other side.
Them and us indeed. If you dunno how to handle people then don’t blame it on the person you can’t handle. Pfft.

I don’t like having a fever.

Neh neh ni pu pu. Rachel is emo.

Just watch my wildest dreams come true, not one of them involving you


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germs-1, rachel-0

I have a million and one things to do this week, and i’m SICK.
Like seriously wahlau haven’t I fallen sick enough times already?!

Anyway. Now to attempt to read my E&T cases without falling asleep.
Which I still feel like doing despite having napped for 2h. Pfft.


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i feel like going to changi village to eat.

I know I know, me and my cravings. =p


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the holiday list #1

I notice that everytime I’m hard at work studying, I remember things that I was supposed to do during the holidays but completely forgot about/got pushed to the backseat.
So! I decided to make a list of stuff that I intend to do during the holidays as I go along.
And yes, I did try making a word doc two years back but it didn’t work; I forgot where I stored the word doc. =p
Hence the almighty blog to the rescue (hopefully this works.)

The Holiday List
1. Learn to play golf
2. Get my piano back in gear
3. Learn to play the guitar
4. Play more tennis
5. Learn to play the violin
6. Practice sightsinging!
7. Commit my songs to score

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Public law is a nightmare.
Why is the font size like, 8?????

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oil de babe.

I got so irritated with my car’s dirt (thanks to construction across the road! urgh!) that I took it for a car wash today. =p
The black streaks under the handles didn’t come off though.

I was so annoyed with it that I tried using baby oil to tissue it off.
And guess what? IT WORKS.


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After a year of searching, I finally found my pair of espadrilles!!!!
Whee! Couldn’t resist putting up pics of my elusive shoes!


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