I didn’t know that my last bus from Pasir Ris leaves at 2330! As I was walking to the bus terminus I was even thinking to myself, “Ah, this Singapore, it is awesomes, it has bus services that still run at this hour because it complements the MRT schedule” – right after which the information screen enlightened me to the fact that the bus service had ended! GRAH! Faith well misplaced.

Should have dropped at Tanah Merah and taken a bus from there instead. Brrr.

Dinner with friends was great despite the fact that I was about to keel over from tiredness. OK next week I shall not go out so much. I only managed to exercise thrice this week!!! I can feel my arteries clogging.

And, I FOUND SOMEWHERE THAT SERVES SNAPPER PIE!!! Double Bay at Raffles City! Sadly it’s only served as a portion for two. :( Didn’t get to try it today.

Okay this entry is completely meaningless and useless because I’m SO tired. Shall shower and head to bed. Good night world.


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