my brain. it hurts.

Came back from the Pee Ell See dinner with a magnificent headache.

It’s so bad I don’t even feel like moving to shower and sleep. I just want to sit here and rot and hope it doesn’t get worse. The idea of washing my hair sounds like pure torture right now. But I can’t sleep in this sweaty state.

Gawd. They should really fix the psychedelic lighting and the music.

OK. Stop whining and hop to it, Rachel.



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5 responses to “my brain. it hurts.

  1. Caits

    I heard from the great guru that you went for drinks! I demand to know why I was not invited to witness this.

    And I hope you’re feeling MUCH better now. Hugs. Good night babe. :)

    • because it was already 11.15 after the pee ell see dinner when this was decided. HAHA. and i drank no alcohol besides! only had H20.

      yes i’m feeling much better! turns out the headache was due to my monthly friend. =.=

  2. joanna

    and you my friend, should be sleeping!

  3. yuxin

    haha my headache was due to nodding too fakely and rigorously and constantly to the table VIPs heh. at least they were fun people to be around, and i really hope those at your table gave good insights too! :)

  4. Weijia

    haha yeah yuxin our vips were pretty awesome. the food was pretty meh though.

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