with a cherry on top.

1. All things considered, I think I have an awesome PM. His awesomeness was reinforced when he bothered to ask me at 11.30pm (after my door access and hence toilet access ended) if I needed to use the washroom. And after that he told me to cab home and claim from the firm. I am very grateful for such awesomeness.

2. Other things considered, my workload has hit new highs this week. I like to think that this means my efficiency has hit new highs too. Barharhar. But actually it just means my need for facials and chocolate have hit new highs. Sigh. I am, however, proud of the fact that I managed to get through 34 out of the stack of 41 affidavits for that gigantic case!!

3. The two shelves of files I was sorting for transfer IS DONE. Thank goodness for interns. And for Ben. Couldn’t have done it without them. I feel like I can finally breathe freely again.

4. No weekend AGAIN this week. I would really like one. Please. Please pretty please. How about next week?

5. Something truly terrible happened yesterday to someone I love dearly. Dear God, please watch over her and her family in this trying time.

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