salut, mon ami

I went to read my old diary entries yesterday. The damn nostalgic ones, from 2000-2004. I.e. when we were in secondary school.

And I decided that it is definitely much better to have a photo album of memories than a diary.

I was such an IMBECILE back then! And I talked like a Chow Ah Lian! With bells on! I added a “z” to everything and used Chinese sentence structure! Ohmygawd. I so do not believe that that was the way I talked back then. So Embarassing. So Toot. And yet, those were the happiest days of my life.

I think we all dress up our memories to be that much more glam when we look back. If not for the diary, I’d have vehemently denied in good faith that I ever spoke like a Chow Ah Lian. Thank God I’ve come to my senses, and now speak Bimbolingo. HAHAHA.

Improvement, wot.

In other news, Thanksgiving dinner tonight was quite awesome, sans the screaming home entertainment system aka my 2- and 4-year-old nephews. It was hilarious but extremely noisy. Naturally my “I want to have kids” meter went further into the negative nether regions.

I spent most of my time cuddling Pebble, my cousin’s dog. He is so ADORABLE!! He didn’t want to go home and sat at my feet whilst my cousin-in-law tugged at the leash, prompting him to tease his son with a “Can Pebble stay with Zhezhe tonight?” Hahahaha. Dogs are awesome. Can’t wait to buy a Papillon puppy when I’ve got the money!


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4 responses to “salut, mon ami

  1. Kelvin

    Embrace the truth. Most of us have this ah beng and ah lian inside of us. Deceive yourself not. For you will deprive yourself joy of yesteryears.

  2. Sare

    Nether regions seems to imply something ironic about children.

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