only impossibly, baby

Exams have been over for 3 days and GOD I am feeling HAPPY.

The HAPPY has not worn off yet. It’s so nice to be able to watch Project Runway without glancing nervously at the clock and constantly calculating how much time I can spend on a break.

I have done a few interesting things over the past few days!

1. I have gone hunting for a monokini. Singapore is sold out of monokinis. I cannot believe it. Jolin zen-ly said, “Aiyah, monokinis just not popular with Singaporeans lah.” I sadly concur. I am monokini-less and am refusing point blank to remove any cover I have over my bikini in Bali!

2. I have tried to use eye glue! You know, to make fake double eyelids. It works, fascinatingly. But it doesn’t stay up for more than an hour. That is the pathetic part. I have also tried eye tape. That works much better – stays up for a day or so. But I don’t find that my eyes look very much bigger, which was the whole point of the enterprise for me. As such, I think I will turn to Bobbi Brown instead for gel liner that will make my eyes look HUGE. What? I’m being too ambitious you say? Those slits I call eyes are not going to open up except with surgery? Finefine. The liner will make my eyes look LESS SMALL. There. Happy now?

3. I had tea with Mommy at Cova. The salmon and spinach quiche is TO DIE FOR.

4. I bought two firsts: a pair of PINK Steve Madden sandals (I decided I agree with Jolin that my wardrobe needs a little more colour), and a vest from Mango. I have been looking for a vest that does not make me look like a fat waitress since forever, and I finally found it! woohoo!

I want more SHOPPINGS. Unfortch I need more MONAYYYS! Hahahahaha.
Bu ke yi luan hua qian. Nodnod.


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4 responses to “only impossibly, baby

  1. Jo

    shopping. me pls!!!!!!!

  2. Caits

    Hey! I found monokinis at Taka today! They’re quite nice!!!!!

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