poke ah poke.

The Father decided to explore the wonderful world of Facebook today.

In furtherance thereof, I was bombarded with the following questions upon my return home at 11.30pm:

F: What is poke ah?
Me: Uh. Why don’t you just ignore that function for now.
F: But I want to know what is poke.
Me: No need la. U just needed to see your messages right? And the pics?
F: Nono tell me what is this poke? Poke got message one anot?
Me: No la poke no message one.
F: SOOOO what is poke???
Me: (-.-) It’s a function to disturb people. No meaning one.
F: Oh. (thinks) So who can I poke?
Me: Your friends la.
F: How to see my poke?
Me: (halfway up the stairs) I think it’s either in the profile or the home page.
F: (clicks and scrolls) Don’t have leh. (looks at me beseechingly)
Me: (*sighs* walks down to check) Maybe you were poked too long ago la.


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