I noticed a curious thing today. Singaporean drivers slow down when they approach a working ERP gantry, and speed up subsequently when they pass it. When I say slow down, I mean SLOW down. Like 60km/h on the rightmost lane. Which is ridiculous when the speed limit is 90 km/h.

The question then, is WHY. It’s a cashcard deducting contraption, not a speed camera dammit. There is always a traffic jam for no good reason at the Fort Road ERP gantry.

There is one instance where slowing down before an ERP gantry is justified though.

At 7.59pm today I was at the right turn from the Paterson side into Orchard Road, where the Tangs-Ion ERP gantry is. We all know this ERP gantry ends at 8.00pm. Grins. For the first time ever, I saw:

(1) Singaporean drivers declining to charge forward the moment the lights turned green; and
(2) A taxi uncle stopping in a most law abiding fashion the moment the light turned amber.

Being the car just behind the taxi uncle, I wholeheartedly approved. I got in at 8.01pm and didn’t have to pay a cent! Yes!


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