I (finally) moved into my permanent seat today (*gleeful dance*) and discovered that it’s quite dark.

The placement of the overhead light is not ideal – it’s behind me, so when I move forward, I cast a shadow on whatever I’m reading. I am very anal about not having shadows on what I’m reading. It breaks my train of thought.

As such, I went looking for a suitable table lamp. My associate directed me to Best Denki, where she said she bought her table lamp. So happily marched I into the nearest Best Denki at Century Square.

To my horror, I discovered that the cheapest table lamp there was a whopping $68!!! And had HELLO KITTY on it! Good God. I was not paying $68 for a pink travesty that had a cat without a mouth for a switch! The next cheapest lamp was a Bad Batzmaru lamp. Granted, the colour scheme for this lamp was slightly more acceptable, but I decided that I was letting go of too many cherished aesthetic and financial rules to live by if I deigned to pay $75 for a cartoon lamp.

The lamps that were acceptable-looking (read: non-cartoon) were all above $150. How can table lamps be so expensive?! It should be illegal to make lamps that expensive! At the end of the day, what is a table lamp but a damn bulb connected to a short stand?!

I must say the 3M table lamps were extremely tempting. They have this fantastic screen that makes the light extremely pleasant for reading. However, they cost about as much as a Prada wallet in Italy. That is unacceptable. Although, as the Parents did point out, it might be worth investing in a good lamp to protect my eyes.

I shall think about this. My most up-to-date Father has informed me that there is a Philips warehouse sale on Saturday somewhere in Toa Payoh. (Ah. What a great way to spend my only rest day. Jostling with uncles like the Father in TOA PAYOH.) But I suppose, for my eyes, and for my rather shallow pocket, I will have to do so.

Anyone else want to buy a table lamp? :D


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