mildly melancholic.

I found today’s Primer surprisingly useful. I didn’t know a number of things before today. I am definitely keeping that handbook. For example, I didn’t know the photocopying charges thing actually was based on some authority! Hahaha.

That aside, today was strangely liberating. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to (sort of) be the master of your own time. It feels rather sad that we’ll never have that luxury again. Gone are the days when we could study till 4am and wake at 12pm because “our body clock works that way”. Time is now a matter of billable hours and answering to superiors. I miss our university days. Even in (the accursed) Pee Ell See, we did have much more freedom with our time.

It makes me feel a little sad that we’ll never have that kind of luxury again.


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  1. Weijia

    me too rachel… :(

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