hormonal recklessness.

I am undoubtedly hormonal this week.

My mood kind of alternates between depression, sheer exhaustion, massive headaches and crazy highs.

But one thing remains constant. I am feeling highly reckless. Bungee jumping sky diving ski jumping reckless.

All this will pass when my monthly friend comes to call and my hormones finally settle down, but until then, WHO’S WITH ME?

I need a run.

On another note, I bought my stationery organiser! Yay. Finally made a trip down to Daiso. I hate it when my stationery is in a mess. The desk should be in a mess, but never the stationery. Nod.


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One response to “hormonal recklessness.

  1. Caits

    *pat pat It’ll pass. :)

    Which also begs the qn of WHY ARE WE GIRLS in the first place.

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