I am feeling absolutely hormonal.

Everything is annoying and nothing is good enough. My brain is making mountains out of molehills and I can’t even decide what to eat for a meal without blowing up at myself for the indecision.

I have spent the entire day sleeping – like literally, I woke up at 5.30pm today – and am STILL sleepy and depressed.

These are the days I absolutely HATE being a girl. You know you’re being insane but there’s just nothing you can do to stop it. It’s like drowning with a life vest right in front of you, a life vest that your hands refuse to reach for no matter how hard you will them to.

Girls suckkkk. I hope this passes by Monday. Zzzz.

So my dear friends who are coming over tomorrow, I apologise in advance if I’m excessively bitchy. I shall just try to keep my mouth shut tomorrow.

I am actually really looking forward to tomorrow. Can’t wait.

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