a tennis analogy.

Service might be tiring, but at least you’re in control.



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3 responses to “a tennis analogy.

  1. Weijia

    good things come to those who wait. in this game the greatest failure comes from not being able to be still at the right time.

  2. fy

    i am nt in control. i sit at home and mold and gorge myself with honey dijon chips and godiva chocolates… at least they are yummy but it is truly worrying.

  3. Weijia

    haha i dunno if you guys know this but crash dieting does not help. in fact it is detrimental to your effort to lose weight. drastically keeping your daily caloric intake below the daily requirement makes your body think it is in a state of starvation, and it reacts by transforming any and every excess calorie (e.g. when you take a break and eat more) into fat in anticipation of the next ‘famine’.

    sort of like a camel’s hump, but all over.

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