i haz a happie.

The SCALP has begun PEELING.

YUCKS! I have a strong urge to plaster my scalp with face masque or aloe vera gel!!!

Met Mr S for lunch today at Al Ameen. Butter chicken yumyumyum. And Ng Kim Lee! Love their mooncakes!

I still can’t believe he’s back! :D :D :D

Just to remind myself, I still want to take him to Tong Heng/Maxwell and to TWO FAT MEN hohoho

Had really good nonya food at Beauty World today for dinner after a long day doing research in the library.

Cannot remember the name. Some weird nonsensical sounding name. It’s on the top floor of Beauty World and is Makansutra-recommended! Reasonable prices too.

My grand plan to go for CLG mass FAILED spectacularly, I thought it started at 7 when it actually started at 6. OMG. I was still researching in the library when J informed me as to mine error at like half past six or something. This is called NOT FATED!

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  1. Caits

    I haz manies happies.

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