back from krabi.

7 Things

1. The WTF Tiger Airways announcements on the flight back
“Welcome aboard flight TR21XX bound for Kuala Lumpur. (Us: WHUH?) I’m just kidding! We’re bound for Singapore. I just wanted to get your attention.”
“Please note that you may only sit on unoccupied seats. Sitting on other people is not allowed… unless you are less than 2 years old.”
“As we are now preparing for landing, all mobile devices must now be switched off. We don’t want to end up in Kuala Lumpur, now, do we?”

2. The Tsunami Warning Exercise
Quite hilarious really. No one was taking it seriously, because only the hotel staff were involved. Some German tourists (who prolly just checked in that day) hastily got out of the sea upon hearing the “Achtung! Achtung!” however. Hahahaha. The rest of us just continued lazing by the beach, having been informed by the hotel to ignore all warnings.

3. Cute Japanese families!!!
There were 3 of them holidaying together and their kids were so adorable!! Japanese children somehow always manage to be the cutest of the lot. There were many cries of “Yamenasai!” from the mothers (who, by the way, never wore swimsuits or swam; they were always in shorts and a flowy, flowery top + sunhat).

4. Screaming children
Many, MANY screaming children on both flights. Dad looked a bit frazzled when we got off the plane. Hahaha. Surprisingly I wasn’t really bothered by them. I suspect Mother Nature made us this way – to be more tolerant or oblivious to screaming children as we hit the peak of our child-bearing years and the likelihood of us actually having to deal with screaming tots of our own increases. Nodnod. Viva la nature! I even made friends with a little Indian girl named Katya, and helped her with her seashell finding quest. She’s adorable!

5. The beautiful beaches!
OK, still not the most beautiful sand or water I’ve seen – Cebu still takes the cake in that respect – but the landscape is beautiful! Swimming in lagoons surrounded by green-topped limestone cliffs is the stuff dreams are made of. We went island hopping on the third day, and the most beautiful island by far is Hong Island (Koh Hong). But the water’s so clean that the ecosystem is totally intact and there are gross disgusting FISH in the water. EURGH. There are cute crabs on the rocks too!

Hong Island!

6. The Food…
There were hits and misses.
The Hits – Lae Lay Grill was awesome. Rather pricey, but extremely fine Thai food (OK la my idea of fine and your idea of fine prolly not the same, I’m a peasant at heart and dislike Michelin-starred food). LOVED the Grilled Sea Bass!! And the Krabi Town Night Market street food was AMAZING!! I had the most authentic Basil Chicken Rice ever! And delectable pork skewers, bamboo rice, some kind of curry chicken with yellow rice, this amazing fried chicken drumstick that was so tender, juicy and flavorful that we all had seconds, and this strange but very tasty fried corn in flour. Tastes a bit like Indonesian tempei, but not exactly. Not forgetting these quail eggs that they fried in the takoyaki griddle! The eggs were then spritzed with soy sauce (using that thing people normally use for spritzing clothes with water whilst ironing – what’s that called?) and peppered liberally. YUM 100%!
Didn’t like the hotel food so much, or the food at the restaurants near the hotel. STREET FOOD IS THE BEST! Told you I’m a peasant. ;p

Basil chicken rice

Curry chicken with yellow rice (my fave!!)

This is how they fry the quail’s eggs!

The final product

7. The Phone
For the first time in my life, I came close to losing my phone. I have never lost a phone or a wallet. EVER. Was feeling rather vague today and left my phone in one of the hotel’s toilets after lunch. Thankfully, at the airport, I decided on a whim to check for it and discovered its absence. Called the hotel subsequently and they sent it to the airport via taxi. :) THANK YOU, you honest Sheraton staff, I will be writing you a very profuse letter of thanks in the very near future!



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4 responses to “back from krabi.

  1. Caits

    Yay to the kindness of strangers! :)

    Crap i want to eat all that you’re talking about.

  2. fy

    i like the beach. very pichi pichi looking beaches

  3. fy

    i like tiger airways’ sense of humour.

  4. yuxin

    the tiger airways announcements really quite wtf. i might have air raged if it were an early morning flight.

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