beatific sight.

It was all white, save for the azure of sea and sky. The bell tower stood in pristine sand, rising up to meet the cloudless light.

Her loose linen clothes fluttered in the breeze; her features softened by a translucent veil. She knelt at the foot of the bell tower, her eyes half closed, murmuring a prayer over and over. She heard footsteps come down the bell tower, but she dared not hope that their maker would open the door. No, she was not worthy. Not by far. She lowered her eyelids still further, clutching her hands together in a fervent plea.

And the door opened. She dared not believe, she believed had dreamed the sound. The white hem of the tower’s keeper entered her vision, and she slowly, hesitantly, looked up.

The most beautiful face she had ever seen met her eyes. The beautiful one helped the lowly one up, and with a soft smile, pressed a golden key into her hands. Speechless, the lowly one could only stand and stare as the beautiful one glided back to the tower and ascended the steps, leaving the door slightly ajar.

She looked down at the precious key in her hands…


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