what i would like to write

Dear Mr AG,

My client is an idiot. A gullible, impressionable idiot who believes wholesale ridiculous advertisements showing busty women flocking to a deodorant user.

How he got into law school remains a mystery to us all. Maybe he had an interview topic that had to do with saving puffins.

That said, he’s really a nice boy at heart who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Literally. He’s vegetarian. And I’m sure whilst he’s at it, he only eats organic vegetables that don’t use pesticides.

Would you withdraw the charges against him please?




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4 responses to “what i would like to write

  1. yuxin

    the ‘how i got to meet my client’ part is so retarded. i feel like just copying and pasting the website link to them or, alternatively, writing things like “went to the security outpost at Queenstown Remand and took my temperature.”

  2. Weijia

    although option 2 may fail u because it is changi remand now! queenstown remand, alas, is no more.

  3. yuch

    actually since the acting AG is a woman it shld be ms. or mdm isn’t it?

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