happy carb day

1. At all material times, the Plaintiff confesses she has been indulging in carbs.


a. Had basil rice and a truckload of fries with Ms Lee, Mr Ting, Linlin and Ms Yap on Thursday

b. Ate fried rice during the Dreaded Dinner and MANYMANY CHOCOLATE THINGS at Laurent Bernard after said Dinner on Friday

b. Had Riverside Indonesian BBQ at 313’s foodcourt today. The Plaintiff avers that this proves heaven can be found on a styrofoam plate.

2. The Plaintiff doesn’t really know why she’s being called the Plaintiff because she’s so happy.


a. :) :) :) :) :)

b. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

AND the Plaintiff claims:

a. Fats

b. More Fats

c. Tons of Fats



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6 responses to “happy carb day

  1. Caits

    I see that you have written your writ of summons.

    I reckon that both of us will have tried all the things on Laurent Bernard’s by the end of PLC. wahahaha. :P

  2. Caits

    Edit: *Laurent Bernard’s menu.
    Dont want to try anything on Laurent Bernard. (Who is he anyway!)

    • i tried to find a wiki page on mr bernard but failed. :( ah well. he will thusly remain a mystery to taunt us for all eternity. :D

    • Jolin

      He is a french dude. A very grumpy chocolatier with a nasty temper. Dont think eating off him would be a pleasant experience. Plus he is married, proven by the fact that I’ve seen his wife.

  3. fy

    hahahaha. this is damn funny…

  4. fy

    he is a french man who came to singapore with his wife to set up a chocolate shop. they used to stay behind centrepoint. after jc, i did fundraising for like 3 months and i was at inside centrepoint for 7 weeks asking for donations. after asking him everyday he walked past. one day, mr laurent bernard stopped and asked me what the heck i was selling. haha and after that he donated money everytime he walked past.

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