ok seriously whatever

Why have I not received an email from ______________?!

I mean how are we to know if it’s system fail or we fail if we don’t even get a Fail Email from ____________?!

How irritating. So many things are failing right now, I can’t even begin to describe them.

Rachel, why are you so fail?

Going back to the NUS library today kind of put things in perspective.

I hope we had the time of our lives.

With better things to come, of course. :)

After tossing and turning and a massive headache, things seem somewhat less bleak.

The protagonist in Privileged is annoying. She reminds me of me. And God knows I am annoying.

OK I better go shower and get started on the Mareva memo. Which I seem to have been working on since forever and getting nowhere. This is what happens when I think the doing of a thing is POINTLESS.



Filed under disgruntled mumblings, Pee Ell See

4 responses to “ok seriously whatever

  1. fy

    i see the lawyerly caution in your blanks :)

  2. yuxin

    jane m/a/r/i/e was at my Edu Die table and apparently it IS a minion manually sending out our replies.

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