The weeks of VERY BUSY are nearly over!!! I hesitate to call it Hellweeks because it was a very slack sort of busy, i.e. I kept over-estimating the amount of time I needed for everything. Ended up doing CPCM in like, an hour? Or less?? I feel very insecure about that.

And Civ Pro – because we split the work – I took like an hour? Youtubing included. O.O And drafting was similarly quick. The work is suspiciously easy. Maybe all my answers are wrong. :x Sorry friends, if my answers are wrong.


And I want to go running. Anyone else wants to go running with my unfit self? :D



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2 responses to “hellweek?

  1. Joanna

    ME! But then I live too far away….

  2. yuxin

    i want to run too! we need to find some runnable place that is equidistant from my place and yours hahaha.

    and how did you finish all those assignments so fast!

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