craving schmaving.

One of the more hilarious things that happened today:

Dad: Why this _______ Hotel got no contact number one.
Me: (peering over at the screen) That’s cause you’re not on the hotel’s official website. Look for “Contact Us” on the hotel homepage.
Dad: Oh so I just type in “”? Wah that’s quite smart.
-stunned silence-

I was not so satisfied with my bubble tea today. Meh. Starting to agree with the world that Koi is overrated. The only part I really like about it is that you can choose the amount of sugar that goes in. Otherwise the small pearls are kinda annoying for bracefaces like me. It gets stuck all the time!

And my oh my, just as I was complaining of the lack of ___________, in ___________ pops. WOOHOO!

Today was overall a good day. Despite the fact that I forgot to bring my glasses and was squinting at the screen all day long. My left eye feels overtaxed and my right eye went on holiday. =.=


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