Was fun. I love the adrenaline rush of standing up in court. The way my heart pounds and the warp speed at which my brain zips when I’m standing before the judge. During the XX my brain was as clear as the blue waters of Jiuzhaigou’s Panda Lake. (Not so much during the injunction hearing and the EIC though, where my brain was still covered in panicked fuzz.) WOOHOO. I love that feeling!!! Not to mention the convoluted preparation before where you try to predict everything the other side is going to say.

Of course I got an adrenaline headache at the end of the day. But is that the point? ;D

In other news, THE COLD and the SORE THROAT have made a comeback. Meh. :( Pi Pa Kao is my friend.

Though I have a Crim Proc tutorial to finish by tomorrow, I have only one thing on my mind now: BubbleTeaBubbleTeaBubbleTea



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4 responses to “Advo!

  1. Weijia

    haha yeah! i enjoy advo too.. but i hate the research -_-

    this week is damn shag for me. crim pro, conveyancing AND drafting. super rush cos i spent the long weekend in Batam. but SO WORTH IT.

    haha see u in class tomm

  2. Joanna

    Hahaha good that you had funnnnn. I think I would be a bundle of nerves till I can’t even speak properly.

  3. Cheese

    U always drink half and then what happens to my half when I am not there?

    I want to buy toilet targets for Dennis :)

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