i has a Happy.

1. Cheese, with whom I managed to meet up with 3 times over the past 2 weeks! I hugged her and skweezed her and called her Jorjia. YAY.

2. Life is falling back into step. I have advo to prepare, and am actually quite enjoying this Pee Ell See thing. The lectures can’t compare to those we had in NUS la (though some of the more Uncle lecturers are absolutely adorable and engaging), and coming early to get a table to put my laptop on is a DRAG, but I do enjoy the company and sense of purpose. :) And who can forget Linlin’s antics. Mwahaha.

3. Bubble Tea. I know this is the last thing one on a diet should indulge in, but I have rekindled my love for it. And shat, it’s all thanks to me passing by Koi when I walk to the Sub Courts and people telling me about Koi. Rarr! I had bubble tea again today. Weight gain, here I come. :( But bubble tea makes me very very happy. Ack. I should wean myself off it soon though.

4. Chop Sushi. A most retarded game introduced to me by Cheese and the Fiance. I finished the damn game in 2 days. WAHAHAHA. How’s that for obsessing. This is why I ban myself from story-based games generally during school time. I cannot stop until I’ve reached the end! :x

5. CHEEEEEEEESE. Oh how I love my CHEEEEEESE. She is the fount of Happy. Nothing compares to just sitting around and blabbing nonsense with her. About squishy things, about old times, about everything under the sun, or simply not talking at all and just enjoying each other’s presence. There are very few people in the world with whom I can sit with in comfortable silence, and I really treasure these people.



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4 responses to “i has a Happy.

  1. Caits

    You is a mouse.

  2. Cheese

    1. I didn’t get properly called jorja!!!
    2. I really enjoyed your wonderful company even though u bring out the GB in me!!! It was wonderful and icant wait to see u again. Icant. Icant! It’s like a new apple product, icant.
    3. Thanks for the goodies from japan, they are all gone now :( and I want more. Iwant, iwant. Another good apple product.
    4. The opi app is making me wanna buy opi.
    5. I came back to Perth and it was cold and the food sucked. It tastes like white people. Now I have to blend in. :(
    6. I love you guppy!

    • yew deeeeed! outside the mrt station where we were pulling faces rmb!! XD

      i subscribe to the iWant and the iCant too! apple shd make it. now. mwahahaha. i haven’t dl-ed the opi app! shd do it soon.

      and omg u’ve tasted white people?!


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