what i have done since japan?

1. Gone to Batam, ate A&W, showered in cold water and slept on floor
2. Bought some books from Kino
3. Started reading said books
4. Printed Hind Swaraj, will start reading on plane to China
5. Met up with Ryn after like half a year
6. Agonised over something
7. Dental, pink braces!
8. Drinks with The Firm
9. Meeting with The Firm
10. Submitted PLC applications, met half of law school at Sub Cts
11. Reminisced in school with Caits and Yux, security guard prolly thought we were layabout hooligans come to deface NUS property in the dead of night
12. Watched SATC 2 with Caits, ate hotdog, enjoyed hotdog immensely.

Uh. Not much hor.

And I’m off to China in about 30h or so. Why does every holiday pass by in a flash? :(


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One response to “what i have done since japan?

  1. Caits

    Yum the hotdog!!! I think that was one of the best hotdogs I’ve eaten in my life.

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