Of a different kind. Grocery shopping! I really like doing that. Particularly in BIG grocery stores like the industrial-sized Giant located in Pasir Ris. Grins. Went there with Dad today. I like grocery shopping with Dad. He always seems more relaxed in a grocery store. I dunno why. Hahaha.

Although, I was reminded of why I sometimes find it rather frustrating to talk to him over dinner in Ikea.

The conversation went thus:

Him: I don’t believe in being put in an old folks’ home. It’s like a prison.
Me: But why? Isn’t it better to have other old folks to talk to? You know I’m not going to be at home all that much on weekdays.
Him: You can’t leave. And the nurses in old folks’ homes beat the old people.
Me: (recalling the very kindly nurses I met in a home once) Huh?
Him: Ya you dunno meh? When [the elderly] don’t understand what [the nurses] are saying, [the nurses] will beat [the elderly].
Me: Where did you get that from?!
Him: Obviously what.
Me: Obvious from what? Where did you get this info from?
Him: Friends tell me.
Me: How your friends know?
Him:  The nurses tell them they beat [the elderly].
Me: The nurses tell your friend these things? Why?! Is your friend a nurse?
Him: Well. Not my friend la. Friends’ friends.
Me: Uhh so now it’s friends’ friends? How far does this chain extend?
Him: Aiyah we just know la.

To which, I roll my eyes heavenward in exasperation. Hearsay win.

But oh well he’s still my Dad. And we did have a nice chat whilst grocery-ing. :)



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2 responses to “shopping?

  1. yuch

    the giant giant is always so crowded! and despite being giant…it doesn’t feel like they actually have a greater variety of groceries?

    • yuxin

      eeeee yuch can i just say that i’ve never understood the whole raise-armpits-at-the-world guy pose thing that is supposed to make them look sexy?

      haha my only memories of giant are from vj times when we’ll try to eat at restaurants even on our limited budgets, but buy all our drinks at giant cos pastamania cheats us by overcharging drinks one. Giant’s canned drinks are only 90cents if i recall! *fond memories*

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