damn all these beautiful girls

I think there’s a masochistic streak in me that makes me want to look at pretty girls every time I feel fat and ugly during exam season. My recent oglee (as opposed to ogler) is Namie Amuro. She’s so PRETTY!!! And damn hot when she dances too! And guess what? She’s THIRTY TWO. Does this look like the face of a 32-year-old to you?!

She has a 15 year old son too. OMG. It’s ridiculous how well she maintains herself. I want to be like that too!!



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5 responses to “damn all these beautiful girls

  1. yuch

    perhaps…coke zero is her fountain of youth

  2. Caits

    Wah you want a 15-yr old son?

  3. Weijia

    i want someone like that also HAHA i won’t mind having a 15 year old son.

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