3 down!

THANKFULLY, today’s ACJ exam was not as screwed as it could have been.

Let me explain to you why I was tossing and turning all night.

How it could have been screwed: HHL and Hor split the teaching, HHL taught 6 topics, Hor taught 5. They each set one part of the paper. Each part has 3 questions. You must answer 3 questions, and you have to do at least 1 from each section. So the minimum you must study to be safe is 5 HHL topics and 3 Hor topics, or 4 Hor topics and 4 HHL topics. I picked the former, but only managed to do 4 HHL topics, plus the last Hor topic was done quite badly, given that one of the readings couldn’t be found – website was down – and I started reading it for the first time at 1.30am.

Why I was freaking out:
1. I was afraid that for the Hor section, the only question I could do was the badly done topic. My spotting powers are far from awesome and the topics I studied were the ones with the least reading material (like a LOT less), so I was quite worried I spotted wrongly.
2. In the HHL section, there was a possibility that the 2 topics I didn’t study would come out, and thus I would only know how to do 2 topics total in the exam, which would probably mean a B- at best in this paper.

Why I was heng:
1. The 3 topics I spotted for Hor’s section all came out! I’ve never been this zhun in my life.
2. HHL tested like 5 of the 6 topics he taught via either/or questions. That possibility didn’t even occur to me!

I AM SO RELIEVED!! I’ve been worrying so much for the past 3 days that I’ve had constant headaches, nausea, gastric trouble, diarrhoea and insomnia. THANK GOD THAT’S OVER!

(Although, I foresee a repeat of this in Biomed, since I’m spotting so heavily. :( Some people are just not constitutionally suited to risk taking. Zzz.)

Okay I would like to indulge in some sleep now. Goodnight.


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