in exam hell.

DT just uploaded his examiner’s comments for the FOS final exam, and I’m freaking out again. I don’t know if I’m in the “better answers” category or the “weaker answers” category. I have this feeling I’m in the latter category. OMGOMGOMG!!!! The comments are so vague that I could be in either. e.g. “The best answers make appropriate observations about RAV and Black and then carry on to analyse based on doctrine”. I sort of did that, but were my observations appropriate?! And is it clear that I’m analysing from doctrine? On reading it again I feel like it’s not obvious at all!! FREAKING OUT OMG.

But okay Rachel chill about FOS already. Biomed and ACJ Biomed and ACJ. FOCUS!!!

I’m going a bit mad. This Biomed is unfinishable. I have no muggers for ACJ and have to study a min of 9 topics in 5 days. HELPPPPPPPPP


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  1. joanna

    aiyah don’t worry about FOS already. over liao. jia you for the rest. Spot for Biomed if you’re desperate.

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