romancing a library bug

This was addressed to Caitlin, after she stated that she had finished her Arbi exam.

Definitions for the uninitiated:
A “hold”:  Something you place on a book when it’s already been borrowed out and you’re frantically trying to lay your hands on it in time for your assignment submission
“RBR”: No, this does not refer to Rouge Bunny Rouge. It’s essentially the redspot collection. You can borrow it for a few hours and the fines are $1 per hour for late return.
“hiding books”: An activity commonly engaged in by selfish slugs who want to make sure YOU don’t get the A, so that they can.



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4 responses to “romancing a library bug

  1. FY

    HAHHAHAHAH. omg i had to squint to read this but it was worth it. made my day (night). jiayou rach. hahahahahah. pls apply ur creativity to ur paper tooo!

    • ms li, u could have clicked the pic to get the full size. hahaha! but nvm this proves u have good eyesight HAHAHA

    • yux

      haha thanks for blurring out the username though the pic still reads library-love-yuxin! on another note, i still don’t know what RBR stands for. :S

      • RBR stands for Reserve Books/Readings. So imaginative right. HAhahaha!

        and yes the blurring of the username was more to prevent people from accessing your blog. grins. i didn’t realise the pic name would be shown though!

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