this fat pageant thing

I was so disgusted with what some of the contestants said that I wasted half an hour writing in to the Sunday Times. And my FOS take home starts 10am tomorrow. =.=

I quote these contestants:

“I didn’t want to eat popiah for the rest of my life to maintain the weight… Today, I eat what I want and I’m at peace with myself.”
You DON’T have to eat popiah for the rest of your life to maintain the weight. How about exercising and eating things like Low GI foods and counting your calories??

“It’s hard to resist all the yummy Malay and Indian food… I try not to indulge in supper.”
Hello. You shouldn’t be indulging in supper in the first place. As I found out to my detriment. And could you like, have a bit more self-control? Yes it’s hard, but most things worth achieving are.

This pageant is like providing excuses for people to be fat. Seriously.
Fat is fat. Fat is UNHEALTHY. I am fat. AND FAT PEOPLE NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT! Period!!!



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10 responses to “this fat pageant thing

  1. Joanna

    huh what did you write about! And I like the checking out post XD

    • what is post?? haha. basically i said that this pageant is providing excuses for an increasingly obese Singapore to shrug away their unhealthy lifestyle choices, which they shd be taking responsibility for.

  2. FY

    but in a way, it is also teaching people (if they can be taught) that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes. i know some people who cannot lose weight no matter how hard they try and this can cause them terrible anguish when people around them judge or tease them.

    personally, i would rather embrace the fact than develop an inferiority complex!

    though yes. i agree that health should always be a primary concern! and rather than indulging in momentary pleasures and subsequently making excuses for it, they should acquire the necc discipline (which seems to be lacking).


    • yeah i agree, in the comment i sent i said it’s not that fat people can’t be pretty, but a beauty pageant winner is expected to be a role model. and i don’t think people who lack self control and/or make unhealthy lifestyle choices are good role models, as these contestants seem to be doing… ;p

  3. Caits

    MS GAN YOU ARE NOT (and i stress the word NOT) FAT!!!!

    • [sing to the tune of yes jesus loves me]
      i am fat and this i know, for the weighing scale tells me so
      thunder thighs to me belong, i hide them in a big sarong


  4. Weijia

    HAHA ultimately, its the proportion that matttttersssss

  5. Weijia

    actually wrong. ultimately ultimately, it’s the person that matterrrrrrrrrrrsssssss

  6. Joanna

    Hello, you DO NOT have thunder tighs!!!!! Don’t be mad!

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