the last holiday list from law school

Everytime exams draw near, I daydream about things I’d rather be doing and end up making a list.

It makes me kind of sad that this is the last holiday list I’ll ever make in law school. But I shall banish such melancholy thoughts and apply myself to the task at hand!

1. Visit the Lancome counter in Japan (I am positively frustrated that Singapore doesn’t have the full range!!) and check out the following:
Color Design Eyeshadow in Gaze, Nutmeg, Wear it well , and Waif

2. Do something about my worsening dark eye circles. Must check out:
a. YSL’s Touche Eclat on the way to Japan (Am so annoyed that they withdrew from the Singapore market!)
b. Lancome’s Effacernes long-lasting concealer
c. Cle de Peau’s stick concealer

3. Go wakeboarding / windsurfing / cable skiing, as I have been talking about doing it since Year 1

4. Restart tennis lessons with FY, & play with Mr Mercedes and MW

5. Plan the Japan itinerary in greater detail

6. Order my missing Malory Towers book / buy the rest of the Naughtiest Girl series from Kinokuniya

7. Finish learning my Japanese Minna no Nihongos, and complete the JLPT exercise books I’ve bought

8. Meet up with cousins

9. Go shopping with Mom

10. Cook for Mom and Dad

11. Kbox outing

12. Disney movie marathon

13. Have the little tea party I’ve been meaning to do since I got my garden in order

14. Swim swim swim! I think I’ve completely forgotten how to plunge. Sigh.

15. Finish reading Sherlock Holmes. I can’t read it during school term, I get carried away and won’t stop!

16. Talk to Sangi about Aus/NZ

17. Thinking about taking up vocal lessons so I won’t sound like a squawking crow at Cheese’s wedding.

18. Go shopping Shopping SHOPPING I have not seen the inside of Zara for 3 months and I’m suffering from withdrawal symptoms!!!

19. Go to Universal Studios and trot around the IR!

20. Make the arrangements for that thing.  Shall not mention it here yet, since nothing’s been put in motion, and I rather don’t want a big hooha if I change my mind! :)

Ok. Back to work.




3 responses to “the last holiday list from law school

  1. yux

    wakeboarding sounds awesome!

    oh, there was another thing i wanted to ask you some time back but forgot! now i remember – if i decide to pick up the cello again, do you want to join me? i probably need to start from scratch again anyway.

    oh and as for fingers, speaking from experience unless you practice 2hrs everyday, the skin won’t harden and swell one la. hahaha.

    • oh my goodness i would like to say yes! what’s the cost like though? for cello rental and the lessons proper?

      • yux

        hmm at my old school near coro it was $50 per month for cello rental, and about $260 for 30min lessons. (ya it’s very short one, when i stopped i was technically in grade5 alr and it was still 30-45min at most).

        but the cello they rent out really SUCKS, it’s some unknown china brand, and ok la i know good players will know how to coax nice sounds out of bad instruments but this one really sounds like fingernails on boards. if i learn again i may just buy my own, it costs about $600 for a decent starter cello i think.

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