0.75 down?

Today we had our “30% of 25%” mediation assessment. LOL. It went alright. Aloy did find some fault with all of us, but I think we more or less skated by. No glaring mistakes like overstepping mandate, so major phew!

With this, about 75% of mediation is (finally) done with, and I’m so relieved. :) Now all I have is Final Journal and 4 annotations to go!

Thinking back, I really did put quite a lot of effort into Mediation. Especially the written assignment omg. I’ll be quite disappointed if I don’t get a good grade. Sigh.

But as Mom likes to tell me, obsessing about grades is pointless. Do your best and let God do the rest! :)



Filed under exams, law school

2 responses to “0.75 down?

  1. Caits

    Okay after getting your A, treat me to dessert! WHEE!!!! :D

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