I discovered a few things over the past few days.

1. I remind AT of Selena Tan, which is why he voted me as Most Likely to Become a Dim Sum Dolly. Despite Caitlin’s assurances, I’m not sure this is a good thing.

2. Many people don’t know what a Dim Sum Dolly is or how it reflects upon the nominees, of which I am unfortunately one (in case you haven’t guessed by now). Neither do I!!! Let me recount to you a conversation I had with H.
H: What exactly does being a Dim Sum Dolly say about you as a person?
Me: Uh. That I’m fat and wear too much makeup??

Bah. I would really like to be invisible at Collegiate Dinner.

3. There are quite a lot of whiners in law school.
I recount two conversations. I’m happy to say neither X nor Y are from my year.

Conversation 1:
X: I have like 4 papers due on the same day!
Me: OMG why did you do that to yourself?
X: I didn’t do it to myself – the administration did it to me!
What I didn’t say: Uh. Didn’t you pick your subjects. Not like the admin picked it out for you right? Seriously.

Conversation 2:
Y: As [Module A]’s take-home exam is in the middle of the 2 weeks we’re given to complete [Module B]’s take-home assignment, we would like to move [Module A]’s take-home assignment. Can we get your names at the end of class in our petition?
Me: Hi, sorry, how about those of us who can’t move the examination date?!!
Y: Oh, well, because it’s not really fair to us – we’re at a disadvantage cuz the others who don’t have this module can go back and edit their paper and stuff.
Me: I took [Module B] last year, and if it helps, it can be finished within a week.
Y: (still looking unhappy)
Tutor: Okay, if it’s just the few of you, why don’t u apply for an extension then? (Thank God for sensible tutors)
What I didn’t say: Hello. You had weeks, nay, MONTHS, to go through your subject allocation. It’s your responsibility to find out if the dates clash. And if they do because you were funning around in the hols instead of doing your due diligence, SUCK IT UP. You should have been more careful in module selection. It’s not like it’s a head-on clash anyway. Heck I did my [Module B]’s assignment in 1 week precisely because I had a similar clash – that I was completely aware of right from the start because I asked the tutor. If you can’t be responsible about your own choices, don’t expect people to move mountains for you.

What really irritated me about Y was that he/she just assumed the rest of us twenty-something people who DIDN’T take Module B would be fine with moving the exam date. I mean seriously, did he/she even consider that the rest of us might have planned our take-home schedules around what was promised to us in the published exam schedule?! Noooo, he/she went right ahead and assumed that we’d all sign his/her precious petition.
Makes my blood boil.

Even when in Year 3, when my IPEC exam was delayed by THREE FRIGGING WEEKS due to some cockup and messed up my entire already-tight schedule, I didn’t try to move a whole frickin exam for the whole frickin class! I asked for a personal extension (Which I didn’t get, because the prof told me in no uncertain terms to – yes u guessed it – SUCK IT UP).

So forgive me if I’m not in the least bit sympathetic to these whiners, because quite frankly, it’s YOUR damn responsibility if you screwed up your timetable. Stop making things inconvenient for the majority of us who were actually diligent about checking the take-home exam dates!!



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7 responses to “angst.

  1. Caits

    I think so too! Cant possibly ask clients to re-schedule themselves in the future either. So why dont one apply the same principle now? tsk to all these ppl

  2. yux

    eh when i was doing the survey i interpreted dimsum dolly as someone happy, sprightly and funny leh!

    emma yong is also a dimsum dolly and she is hot. though personally, i would rather be selena tan – she’s just that much more pleasant as a personality! and this is from someone who is tipping the scales towards the overweight side. :)

  3. FY

    dim sum dolly = funny talented performers who didn’t do law and took to the stage. I voted raffli :)

    • but selena tan did law! nus grad i think.

      • FY

        exactly. n she had good sense not to practice. i haven’t seen u on stage hehe so i cannt vote u. but raffli is damn dim sum dolly. i can imagine him doing this in the future… the emo actor/ director in the singapore art scene. don’t know what jo joy is doing there though. hahahahaha. jolin i can. walking amusement park. omg i shld show u this jolinitis video!

    • i voted linlin. teehee!!

  4. Weijia

    haha i think you can add on this post with our impromptu meeting with joel today hehe

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