pimping this shampoo.

L’oreal Professionel Sensi Balance.

I thought I’d given up on luxury shampoo lines, but this one’s really quite awesome. If you have fine, dry hair (and not much of it), this is the shampoo for you. Moisturises well whilst retaining volume. I recommend alternating it with a drier shampoo (e.g. Herbal Essences’ Colour Me Shiny) every few days to get the full volumised effect. It’s good to alternate shampoos anyway, so say the beauty gurus.

Only $14.90 for a 500ml bottle from Chinatown. I heart Chinatown.



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4 responses to “pimping this shampoo.

  1. yux

    i read it as ‘sensei balance’.

    i have begun to think volume and non-frizziness are all about the blow-drying, for which i will need an extra pair of hands. :S

  2. FY

    have you heard that the chinatown shops tend to sell really old stocks or diluted ones! according to my paranoid mother though! hahaha

    • yeah i heard, but so far i haven’t had any problems lei. hahahahh. no diff in quality between the ones i bought outside chinatown and from chinatown.

      the price is acty believable, i think, cuz fairprice online sells stuff at about the same price – where there are no or very low overheads, the pdt is acty v cheap. :D

      sanitary pads are damn cheap there also u know!! my pads cost like 8 bucks in the supermarket but only 3.80 in chinatown! XD

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