in honour of linlin.

Because Linlin was a Champion Kok today (and, more importantly, doesn’t read my blog), I have decided to dedicate a post to her ever amusing ways. :D Good things should be shared with all, yes.

1. She left her bunch of keys (with her house and NUS locker keys) on the canteen table after picking up her wallet, which was right next to it! We should have kept it instead of telling her she left it behind. HAHAHA. But Christine is too nice to do this sort of thing to her (unlike me). WAHAHAHA.

2. She walked us both into the Men’s Toilet in Shaw today! (Lucky there were no men standing at the urinals.) Despite the fact that I was intent on calculating how much I owed her for lunch, I was nevertheless the one with the presence of mind to realise that we were in the wrong toilet. HAHAHAHA.

3. She nearly opened the car door into a passing scooterist when I dropped her off at the Eunos carpark. If I hadn’t shouted “OMGGG Linlin watch out!!” the scooterist could have been plastered on the parked vehicles right now.

4. As a final tribute to Linlin, a picture is most certainly in order…




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5 responses to “in honour of linlin.

  1. FY

    gotta love the picture

  2. yux

    Can. She just uploaded an album of tres-unglam pics of us in bali. I don’t know how she did it but we all look damn bad la hahahaha.

  3. Caits

    Ya it was so unglam that my friend, PY, commented on it – she was like – eh your friend Jolin trying to sabo you or what, upload your ugly photos on facebook, somemore got one with your eyes closed. Hence zzzzzz.

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