isn’t it just awwww!!

Meet my new favourite animal (after Topsy, of course). May I present…

The PANGOLIN! Isn’t it the cutest thing ever. Apparently we have pangolins in Singapore too – the Sunda Pangolin. The one above is a widdle baby tree pangolin! Humour me as I post more pictures of this superly awesome critter.


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6 responses to “isn’t it just awwww!!

  1. Caits

    *humours you.
    Ooh look, there’s humus on the floor.

  2. sare

    From fashion hagging to pangolin loving, Paris Hilton, watch out! You’re about to be overtaken by a whole new species of spicy asian loving.. Rachel Gan.

    • so not. my life is how much less exciting. i study all day and have to amuse myself with pangolin pictures. about the only thing paris hilton studies is the, erm, human anatomy. she amuses herself with the latter too. HAHA.

  3. yux

    eeeeee omg that creature looks like an army boy!

    but that curled-up picture closely resembles what i do when i have to do my tutorials.

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