i CANNOT get over this.

I got insulted by a random trannie in orchard road!!
She just came up to me out of NOWHERE, looked me up and down and went “Aieee, what are you wearing?!” in one of those fake fashion mag hag accents! I was so stunned I just continued walking.

And that wasn’t the end of it. On the way back from the movie I had to walk past that area again to get to the car. As I walked past her (sitting on the bench this time), she pointed to me and went “HEY!”

I am still feeling traumatised. This was my favourite dress but I think I’m not wearing ever it again!! OMG!

In other news, New York, I Love You was OK, but as with most of these fartsy-ish films, I don’t GET IT. They always try to be so subtle and understated that it becomes obvious what they’re trying to do, which then in turn defeats their purpose of trying to be subtle and understated. Do u get what I mean? Probably not. ;p

It was good fun though! Talking kok with the law peeps is definitely one of the major modes of destressing.

Hilarious quote of the day was provided by KK.
You know how law firms always have names based on surnames; e.g. “Ramdas & Wong”, “Rajah & Tann” or “Drew & Napier”? Well, KK had a brainwave:
“[3 other classmates and myself] should form a law firm! Then you can call it Gan Tnee Nah Beh!!”

And yes Caitlin, I owe you thanks. GRINS. You’re amayyyzin’.

To show you the depth (or lack thereof) of my superficiality, let me show you what makes me happy (at this point in time anyway):

Colin Morgan and Bradley James from Merlin. WOOHOOOO! So crushable!!

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