chick bones.

Had dinner with Ms New Zealand and Ms SS501 today. As I go through life it’s people like these that I am truly grateful for, people who keep me grounded and who make me realise what life is really about. Not about the politics we inevitably engage in in school/work, but things that are far more important – loyalty, trust, and above all, enduring friendship. These are the things we – or at least I – live for. And I feel so blessed to have people like this in my life.

Randomly, Ms New Zealand gets prettier every time I see her. Grins. Her cheekbones are awesomes. I would kill for cheekbones like that!!!

Now to get on with Mediation readings before watching Merlin. Woohoo I love that show! Colin Morgan’s cheekbones are AWESOMEEEEEE and I want to steal them!


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