yay & nay.

(1) My dog is back with me! And he seems to be recovering well. Gobbled his chicken and eggs today!
(2) I started tennis lessons with FY! The coach seems quite good. FY’s already better after one lesson than the two girls I saw at OCC who had had 2 months’ coaching! Or maybe she’s just talented. Grins.

(1) FOS Midyear has been released. Super OMG. I’m feeling the research inertia kick in.
(2) Biomed Submissions are due in 4 days! A lot to read arhhhhhhh

There is a definite feeling of DOOM this semester. omgOmgOMG


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  1. yux

    hello rachel! the girls told me your blog address some time ago, and i’ve been checking it out quite regularly too!

    really glad to hear Topsy’s doing fine, I know what you mean about it being hard to let go. (Goldie’s 11+ and he’s a big dog)

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