hohoho merry christmas

I realise it has been more than a month since my last post.

Normally I’d quip, “Yes my life is that unexciting”, but that would seem ungrateful. My life IS pretty exciting, so much so that I’d rather do things other than blog (in direct contrast to studying for exams. In those bleak times, one turns to Facebook and blogging for life support.)

Anyway a quick recap of what’s happened so far:

1. I went to Cape Town, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Sun City, Pretoria and Joburg with family. Roughly in that order. And I can now believe there are places where the sun is (insert vulgar exclamation) hotter than Singapore. I love insect-free Singapore. I do like the non-insect animals in Africa though! I’ve never been that close to a wild elephant. Actually, I’ve never seen a wild elephant or giraffe etc until this trip. Awesomes. Will post pictures soon. If I’m not too lazy. France has not yet been posted. :x

2. I went to Bali with a bunch of friends. Most of the Sex n The City group went. Wahahaha. I got to know people I otherwise would have not talked to much in law school. :) We surfed and ate and went white water rafting and ate and ate and ate and ate. Guess what we did most of the time. And I fell sick on the last day. Trust me to do that. And they (led by the incomparable FY) sprung a lovely surprise cake on my birthday. :) Thank you guys!

3. Watched Sherlock Holmes today. Disappointing, and quite a far cry from the book. But the lines were otherwise hilarious.

4. PIGS GOT ENGAGED. That makes both my friends who have lost their bets that I’d get married before them – though, as one of them likes to remind me, I could still do shotgun before they have theirs. Uhh, not likely. Bride-dom is not for me, not for the next 4 years at least, I think! More power to my future gazing skills. HAHA. Maybe I should consider that as a backup plan should lawyering fail.

5. We got our exam results. I’m satisfied but not exceedingly happy with mine.

6. X’mas party at MW’s was fun. The potluck was the most atas potluck I have ever seen; it looks and tastes like an international buffet. Can beat Shangri-La’s The Line, I swear. I think my eyesight has decreased by leaps and bounds playing all that Guitar Hero. In doing so I have found out that my pinky cannot move independently of my fourth finger. They operate on an all or nothing principle. Haha! Intringuing, wot. Hence I can only play the bass guitar. Rachel sucks.

6. Which reminds me; I need to shop for some overdue birthday and christmas gifts.

As I look back on 2009, I think I can say this year can be characterised by the word contented. I’d sum up 2008 as “hell”. 2009 was definitely a marked improvement. I’d say an 800% improvement, in fact.  Life isn’t perfect, but it’s good. I’m pretty much where I want to be and also where I thought I’d be in life. I don’t think I’d change any of my decisions for the world. (Except maybe passing on that brown Mulberry for Mac. I should have bought it before they killed the webpage entirely.) But the fact that I can moan about that just goes to show – life is really pretty good! :)

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