you spin my head right round.

Three things.

1. I have just found out that I’m three months overdue to buy the AppleCare Protection Plan for my Macbook!!! WTF!!!! Why can’t I buy a Protection Plan if my Macbook is still in good working order even if I’ve exceeded the 1 year warranty?!

2. Chatterbox Chicken Rice has an affordable version in Downtown East! Went there for lunch with (the sick) Mr Mercedes today (who was milking the fact that he had a runny nose for all he was worth. you know u were! don’t deny it!). My mom thought I was shitting her when I said there’s an affordable version of Chatterbox in Downtown. I think she’s still dubious. LOL. Nice mother.
(If u’re reading this, Hi Mom! Grins.)

3. Islamic law is going nowhere. Zzz. All the Arabic terminology is making my head spin. I hope I don’t fail the exam :(


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3 responses to “you spin my head right round.

  1. Caits

    Eh why you got time to eat lunch dont have time to eat dim sum ah

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