i want to complain.


Watched A Frozen Flower with Caitlin and Jolin after LGDA last Friday and it was a WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!

Ok, maybe not a total waste. The good points about the show were that the costumes, screenplay, and actors generally were excellent. Basically everything was excellent (and Jolin agrees with me) but the PLOT. And for me, if the PLOT fails, the MOVIE fails. Spoilers ahead, so if you intend to watch the movie please don’t read beyond this sentence.

I could not understand one simple thing in the movie. How can you fall in love with someone simply by having sex and NOT communicating with that person?That was (as I read it) how the King’s lover fell in love with the Queen. The implication seems to be that love can only be between a man and a woman and not between men. If I were gay (and I am not), I would find that extremely insulting. The King’s lover was his partner for 10 years and suddenly upon having sex with ONE woman – the one whom he slept with because of his love for the King no less – the King is suddenly ousted?! Surely that cannot be.

The movie, I found, is insulting also to women – the Queen had every reason to hate the King’s lover, as she herself said. Why would she, simply because the King’s lover was good in bed, fall in love with him? The whole movie turns love and lust on their heads, and I agreed wholeheartedly with the King when he told his lover, “You’ve gone mad with lust!”. Perhaps that was the whole point of the movie, to show how lust could be stronger than love. But at the same time remains the question of whether it was lust on the part of the King or love. It’s an interesting movie because it challenges the notions of love and lust, but it’s an irritating movie because I don’t like it when people masquerade lust as love, or love as lust. I quote Janine from He’s Not That Into You – “Why pretend to be wood when you’re not wood?” :p

Not to mention that all three of us felt damn DEPRESSED after the movie. Hahahaha. We should have watched Bruno or Up instead. Grins.


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  1. Caits

    OOh BUT BUT BUT Jo In-Sung (ie the lover) is darn HOTTTTTT! *yum.

    Yeahs totally depressing. Lust, caution – depression ahead.

    Yes we should have watched Bruno instead! Or up or something stupid.

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