goodness me.

Our grumblings about SMU and internships actually made the news!! Things have been busy whilst I was in Bali!

When I read the article, this really rankled:

SMU’s associate dean of external relations and practice assistant professor of law Rathna Nathan confirmed that all 116 students from its pioneer batch obtained internships during this school vacation from May to this month.

But she denied that the school has arrangements with firms to allocate spots for its students.

‘We would not have been able to place all of our students in internships without our partners, but they also choose students completely based on merit,’ she said.

I find it amazing that SMU’s spokesperson can deny the fact that they reserve places for their students when that was what the SMU students themselves told my friends and I at my last internship! Are they telling their students one thing and the public another?! And it seems that our Dean wasn’t even informed of this reservation scheme! Fair play fail much? If ALL the students got internships how can it POSSIBLY be based on merit?! Unless they don’t grade on a bell curve, which, according to the SMU students, they do.

I don’t really have a quarrel with the reservation thing. They need it to graduate. Fine. I totally understand. Then, in the spirit of goodwill, don’t over-reserve! And for goodness sake be HONEST about the whole affair!! Urgh!


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  1. yuch

    Oh I think the “we choose students based on merit” thing is actually a snarky remark saying all their students got chosen – as opposed to students from *another* law school – because they are better.

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